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Relationships are a huge part of my life, my kids, my wife, friends, family and my business connections. I’ve been a very lucky man, I have 6 amazing kids in my life, and an incredible wife who is wonderfully supportive! After a 20-year career in the military as a Chinese Cryptologic Linguist followed by a successful IT career, we’ve now entered a new stage with Veterans IT Solutions LLC.

Something I’ve realized along the way is that I love helping people and businesses with their Information Technology needs. The world of IT is ever changing, and my 17-year career had taught me to change with it, this allows us to continually analyze our services and solutions and provide you the best infrastructure to ensure your business stays secure and flourishes.

However, I wanted to do more than open just another IT company in this world. I want to work in an atmosphere that is mentally challenging but also impactful to the greater good. During my service in the Army, I was privileged to work with people from all walks of life, religion, and ethnicity. As this company grows, we will constantly be on the lookout for talented individuals that share our values in business and life no matter their race, religion or sexual orientation. 

We all have pieces of us that make us unique, Veterans IT Solutions wants to start off like this country – blending a diverse mix of ingredients and molding them into a sum that is stronger, smarter and better due to that diversity.

Lastly, another focus for this company is protecting and saving our planet. I want my children and grandchildren to experience these joys in life as well. The Earth is a finite resource; it must be cared for and tended. We are its stewards, and Veterans IT Solutions will do its part by always striving to push technological solutions that promote using technology through end of life while protecting our clients with extended warranties and correctly recommended solutions that can grow with a business. We will also do our utmost to seek out partners with quality products who are earnestly exploring the use of environmentally and socially sound material sourcing, manufacturing processes, and recyclable packaging materials. Once our client’s computers, printers, servers, routers, switches, monitors and other computer items have reached the limit of their business usefulness, we will make sure they are reused, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

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